Lost Multicolored dog: Mainly Brown

May be an image of dog
Photo from Mr. Ejheey

female; white fur around its nose, neck, chest, abdomen and paws; brindled black and brown on its face and ears

Blk 4 lot 49, Oman Street, Town N Country, Brgy. Bungahan, Biñan, Laguna

3) DATE:
December 31, 2020

09351578876 / 09553110438 / 09503759944 (click here for Mr. Ejheey’s Facebook)

Lost THEN Found Dogs

May be an image of one or more people, hair, dog and text that says 'MISSING DOG AKIRA THE SHIHTZU MANGU AVOCADO SNACKS BOLA-B UFF SERIES chocolateion okinawa suga Red elvet Please help us find our beloved pet! Last seen at THUMBAYAN EXPRESS, BIÑAN LAGUNA.WEARING LAGUNA A GREEN DRESS WENT MISSING AROUND 3:30-6:00PM DISABILITY: SHE ONLY HAVE ONE EYE THERE WILL BE A REWARD Please call Celia at 0921-345-8113'
Photo from Ms. Judy

1) APPEARANCE: Wearing a green dress; newly groomed; mostly brown with brindled black and brown fur on its ears

2) LOCATION: Thumbayan Express, Biñan, Laguna

3) DATE: January 8, 2021 / Found on January 10, 2021

4) OWNER: Ms. Judy