About This Website

A helping hand to those with lost family. Post pictures of stray dogs and cats you encounter daily (ex.parking lot, LRT, etc) with required details.

This website was started due to the alarming number of lost cats and dogs in the Philippines, and the increasing number of strays. There is lack of animal shelters, ignorance on proper animal care, and lack of support for families with lost pets. To help in our own way, this page aims to aid with the search for the lost pet.

The website is organized by COLOR and SPECIES, and categorized by status: STRAY, FOUND/RESCUED, LOST, SHELTER. This is to have a systematic way of searching for pets (and not to have to deal with tons of posts from all kinds of pets, from different pages; aside from dealing with the grief of losing a family member/pet).     

Since almost everyone owns a phone with a camera, and since everyone is good by nature (I’m an idealist), the aim of this website is that everyone takes pictures of strays wherever they go. Then post it in this website with details. This will help searching BIG time and give hope of finding their pet.

This website also aims to provide a common platform for all websites and Facebook pages of lost/missing pets and various shelters (kinda big dream but hey, baby steps).

Another aim of this website is to provide a venue to do good for those too busy to do it, too shy, or just don’t know how. Just post a picture, give details. That’s it. Good deed done for the day! 🙂

Let’s lower the number of strays and raise more pets being found. (Hence lower dogs in shelters and those killed in pounds too!). POST PICTURES OF STRAYS. 🙂



HOW THIS WEBSITE WORKS:   There is a categorization going on at the bottom of the page. If you are looking for your pet:

  1. Look in the FOUND, STRAY, or SHELTER category. Choose one first. (ex. FOUND category first) 
  2. Remember the color of your pet. Then choose among the main Categories: Multicolored, or  One Color dog or cat.
  3. Then look further in the sub-categories: Dominant Color (ex. brown); or choose the color of your pet for the ONE COLOR category.
  4. Then Search through the posts.
  5. Next, choose another main category (ex. STRAYS)
  6. same procedure as #2 and #3
  7. Then choose the last main Category (ex. SHELTER).
  8. same procedure as #2 and #3.


If you are interested in the other Missing pets (since its possible that the pet you bought was stolen. Or worse. Stolen, resold, then went missing), choose the LOST category


Email us with pics and details at   straydogsandcatsph@gmail.com.

Post picture and details at Facebook: stray dogs and cats philippines.