How To Help On Your Own

Lost dogs sometimes won’t immediately recognize their own family if traumatized and been lost for long (but not always). And they can travel really, really far from their home, hoping it is already near.

If possible, give strays some food (ex. cheap street burgers that are buy1 take1; karinderia food minus the plastic bag and without bones; fish ball, etc) and place it near them. They get frightened if food is thrown at them (thinking they are stones). Sometimes you can place the food really near them really fast so they wont shift into their survival mode immediately.
OR make a FEED STRAYS BOTTLE (instructions to be posted)

It would take a little bit of money and a little bit of time on your part for the effort, but it makes a big difference to them. Nairaos mo man lang ang isang araw para sa kanila… It can be your act of kindness for that day. (Reminder: cats do not eat bread/biscuits)

We promote Adopt, Don’t Shop ideals. We discourage giving pets as gifts (ex. BF gives to GF). Mas madalas, kinakalimutan na yung regalo after 2 years. Nakakulong na lang sa likod. The poor dog/cat becomes an Out-of-sight, Out-of mind pet, a Dont-see-Dont-care dog/cat. Or matutuwa pa sila pag nawala na ang dog/cat.

Please practice kindness in action. Do not ignore. Help.

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