Lost Budgie

Photo from Mr. JP

1) APPEARANCE: green, yellow and blue feathers with black, scalloped markings on the cheeks, back, and wings, yellow head, blue chest, green back feathers

2) LOCATION: Near Miriam College in Katipunan Ave, Loyola Heights, Quezon City

3) DATE: December 12, 2020

4) CONTACT INFORMATION: bringpeteyhomeqc@gmail.com or Mr. JP’s Facebook (click here)

Reward will be given by furents to whoever will return this furbaby.

TAAL Rescued Goats

CURRENT LOCATION: Sitio Sibukawan, Brgy Tumalim, Nasugbu, Batangas

RESCUER: Second Chance Aspin Shelter Philippines Incorporated

CONTACT INFORMATION: Judith 0999 449 1282

If this is your furbaby that got separated from you due to evacuation procedures, kindly bring proof.

Lost Pig

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Photo from Ms. Lhen

1) APPEARANCE: Black small built pig with scar on its left side near the tummy

2) LOCATION: M. Fausto Street, Sta. Maria, Bulacan

3) DATE: November 2, 2019

4) CONTACT INFORMATION: Ms. Lhen’s Facebook account