Lost Black and White Dog

Photo from Ms. Jossie

mostly white with black fur on its head; has black patches on its back; has black spots on its legs

Around Lopez Ave. and Bangkal, Los Baños, Laguna

3) DATE:
June 12, 2021

Ms. Jossie’s Facebook account (click here)

Lost Dog in Maahas

Photo from Ms. Marbie

1) APPEARANCE: mostly golden brown, brindled black and golden brown fur on its face

2) LOCATION: Brgy. Maahas, Los Baños, Laguna

3) DATE: December 3, 2020

4) CONTACT INFORMATION: Ms. Marbie’s Facebook account facebook.com/marbie.27 or her husband’s facebook.com/keen.aragones

Lost Shih Tzu from Los Baños, Found

Photo from Mr. John Paulo

1) APPEARANCE: Tan and black fur; black fur on its face; wearing a red harness; name is Tato (Tay-to)

2) LOCATION: Last seen in Springdale Subdivision, Los Baños, Laguna at 10PM

3) DATE: November 22, 2020 / Found on November 23, 2020

4) CONTACT INFORMATION: Mr. John Paulo 09399301933