Lost Dogs – Found

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#1 – mostly golden beige with brindled gray and white around the mouth and nose, above the eyes and on the ears
#2 – mostly beige with brindled black and white on the mouth, around the eyes and ears; with brown patches on the back

2) LOCATION: 18th Avenue, East Rembo, Makati

3) DATE: Went Missing on September 2, 2019 / Found on September 14, 2019

4) OWNER: Ms. Sharon

Lost Shih Tzu, Found

1) APPEARANCE: Mostly gray fur with brindled black and gray around the mouth, eyes and tip of the ears; has only one fang; tip of the tail is white; and has discoloration on its tummy.

2) LOCATION: Last seen at Daang Hari Road, Portofino intersection, Muntinlupa City

3) DATE: Went missing on August 19, 2019 / Found on September 7, 2019

4) OWNER: Ms. CJ Arenas