Lost One Color Dog: Black

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Photo Taken by Roo Raiski

1) APPEARANCE: Plain black dog wearing a pale yellow collar

2) LOCATION: Last seen near Capitol View Park Subd., Malolos City

3) DATE: October 11, 2019

4) WAYS TO CONTACT YOU: 09223203808

Found Multicolored Dog: Mainly Brown

Photo Taken by Ms. Jessy Asuncion

1) APPEARANCE: Mostly light brown, wearing a white mask; gradient color pattern of white to light brown from its paws to its legs; has a white fur mark on near its tail; wearing a brown collar

2) LOCATION: In front of Southstar Drug near fruit stands at Gen. Kalentong, Mandaluyong City

3) DATE: October 12, 2019

4) REPORTER: Ms. Jessy – Facebook

Lost Shih Tzu

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1) APPEARANCE: Mostly white with brindled white and gray hair on its ears; hair on the body is shorter; male

2) LOCATION: Last Seen at Gen. T. de Leon, Valenzuela City

3) DATE: Evening of September 27, 2019

4) OWNER: Ms. Jane – 09060612415 / Facebook

Reward will be given by the owner to whoever will return their furbaby.

Lost Shih Tzu

1) APPEARANCE: Mostly light beige fur with light brown fur around the nose; brindled brow and white fur on the forehead; brindled black and brown ears but black is more prominent; half of its tail it brindled brown and black but the end is beige; has a tumor on its stomach

2) LOCATION: Sunny Brooke 1, General Trias, Cavite

3) DATE: October 10, 2019

4) WAYS TO CONTACT YOU: 09273979029 / 09168757755

Lost Shih Tzu

1) APPEARANCE: Mostly white fur with golden beige ears, cheeks and neck; fur has been recently trimmed

2) LOCATION: Near Basi Elementary School at Brgy Basi, East Solana, Cagayan

3) DATE: October 2, 2019

4) WAYS TO CONTACT YOU: Mr. Arnold – Facebook

Lost Multicolored dog: Mainly Brown

1) APPEARANCE: Mostly light brown with dark brown mask, dark brown ears; light brown eyebrow-like fur and a white fur on its left nose; white chest and paws; has navy blue eyes

2) LOCATION: Dao Street, Marikina City

3) DATE: October 11, 2019

4) REPORTER: Ms. Alex – Facebook

Found One Color Dog: Brown

No photo description available.

1) APPEARANCE: Mostly brown fur with dark brown ears; a gradient fur pattern of beige to brown from its paws to its legs

2) LOCATION: Near Park Avenue Mansion, Pasay City

3) DATE: October 10, 2019

4) REPORTER: Ms. Patty – Facebook

Lost Multicolored Dog: Mainly White

1) APPEARANCE: White fur with prominent tan accent on the face and back; has brindled white and lighter tan fur on the neck; white fur around the mouth; light brown eyes

2) LOCATION: San Jose, Del Monte City, Bulacan

3) DATE: September 29, 2019

4) WAYS TO CONTACT YOU: Ms. Sheila – Facebook

Found Shih Tzu

1) APPEARANCE: Cream fur; black mask with white patch on the forehead; has black patch on the back; black patch that starts from its buttocks to its tail; tip of the tail is light beige

2) LOCATION: Found at Lumban, Laguna / Currently at Quezon City

3) DATE: October 5, 2019

4) WAYS TO CONTACT YOU: Ms. Rhona – Facebook