Lost Mixed Breed Shih Tzu

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Photo from Ms. Racquel

1) APPEARANCE: Cream colored Shih Tzu-Ihasa Apso mixed breed; female; not wearing any accessories

2) LOCATION: Milbuena, Magsaysay Sur, Cabanatuan City

3) DATE: November 7, 2019

4) CONTACT INFORMATION: Ms. Racquel’s Facebook account

Reward will be given by owner to whoever will return their furbaby.

Lost Shih-Poo

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Photo from Ms. Sam

1) APPEARANCE: Mixed breed shih tzu and poodle; cream/light beige fur

2) LOCATION: Pulo, Lumang Poso, Silang, Cavite

3) DATE: October 30, 2019

4) CONTACT INFORMATION: Ms. Sam’s Facebook account

Lost Shinese

1) APPEARANCE: White, brown and black mixed breed Shih Tzu-Pekingese. Brown and black mask with white from around the mouth, in between the eyes and forehead. Black and brown fur on the whole back with white patch near the tail. Half of the tail is black. Not wearing any accessories.

2) LOCATION: Maria Luisa Homes, Suqui, Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro

3) DATE: September 8, 2019

4) WAYS TO CONTACT YOU: Kindly message Ms. Mary Ann through her Facebook account.