Abandoned Dogs for Adoption

Photo from Ms. Lynamr

#1: Mostly white with black ears; black and brown around the eyes
#2: Pure white fur

2) LOCATION: San Roque Supermarket, Gagalangin, Tondo, Manila

3) DATE: August 2, 2020

4) CONTACT INFORMATION: Ms. Lynamr’s Facebook or Ms. Cecil

Stray Dog for Rescue

1) APPEARANCE: Golden brown with brindled black and brown around its snot; white paws

2) LOCATION: Puregold San Mateo, Brgy. Banaba, Gen. Luna Ave, San Mateo, Rizal

3) DATE: January 6, 2020

4) REPORTER: Ms. Ana – Facebook

Found Dog at Kalayaan Ave.

Photo grabbed from Ms. Cecil’s post

1) APPEARANCE: Golden brown fur; brindled black fur around its mouth; wearing an orange harness

2) LOCATION: Kalayaan Avenue near Bel Air and San Miguel Village, Makati

3) DATE: December 27, 2019

4) CONTACT INFORMATION: 0917 898 6860 through WhatsApp or Viber

Lost Dachshund

1) APPEARANCE: Mostly black with golden brown accents on its ears; has golden brown eyebrow-like patch; golden brown cheeks, neck and legs; not wearing any accessories

2) LOCATION: Near Iglesia ni Cristo Chapel San Matias, Sto. Tomas, Pampanga

3) DATE: December 4, 2019

4) CONTACT INFORMATION: Ms. Sang 09950150622

Stranded Dog, Rescued!

Photo from Mr. Belmonte

1) APPEARANCE: Face and ears is mostly black with a white spots; has black spots all throughout his body; has a skin condition on its paws

2) LOCATION: Salvador Estate, San Isidro, ParaƱaque

3) DATE: December 1, 2019

4) RESCUER: Mr. Belmonte and Mr. Rej

Should you wish to adopt this furbaby, kindly send a message to Mr. Rej Facebook account facebook.com/kryptos.peridium.7

Fostered Dogs for Adoption

Photos from Ms. Cecil

Vans – black-furred face; black saddle-like fur pattern on its back; white tail
Potchie – black-furred face; brindled black and white fur near its mouth; has faint black spots all over its body

2) LOCATION: Near Dampa at San Dionisio, ParaƱaque City

3) DATE: November 21, 2019

4) CONTACT INFORMATION: Hope for the Strays Philippines’ Facebook account facebook.com/adoptvansandpotchie

Rescued Dog for Adoption

Photo from Ms. Cecil Hernandez

1) APPEARANCE: Mostly tan with a skin condition around the eyes

2) LOCATION: Pasig Line, San Andres Bukid, Manila

3) DATE: November 18, 2019

4) CONTACT INFORMATION:Ms. Cecil’s Facebook account