Found Multicolored Dog: Mainly White

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Photo from Ms. Neeza

Pure white fur with small golden brown patches on its ears

Along FY Manalo, Brgy. 397, Punta, Santa Ana, Manila

3) DATE:
January 20, 2021

Ms. Neeza (click here for her Facebook)

Found One Color Dog: White

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Photo from Mr. EJ

1) APPEARANCE: Female white dog; brindled gray and white fur on its right ear; wearing a red collar

2) LOCATION: Havana Street, Santa Ana, Manila

3) DATE: November 5, 2019

4) CONTACT INFORMATION: Mr. EJ’s Facebook account

For Adoption Multicolored dog: Mainly White

1) APPEARANCE: White fur with tan mask, and spots on its back

2) LOCATION: Currently Staying at Santa Ana Animal Health Clinic in Calderon, Santa Ana, Manila

3) DATE: October 8, 2019

4) REPORTER: Ms. Joyce

Rain is at the vet for the treatment of his injury. He will be ready for adoption once he has recovered. For now, you may help by donationing for his vetting. Kindly go to this link for your reference: