Found Husky at SLEX

Photo from Ms. Jhazmine

1) APPEARANCE: brindled black and white fur; wearing a black wide collar

2) LOCATION: Santa Rosa SLEX highway, Santa Rosa, Laguna

3) DATE: February 2, 2020

4) CONTACT INFORMATION: Ms. Jhazmine’s Facebook (click here)

Lost Siberian Husky

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Photo from Ms. Judycel

1) APPEARANCE: Female Siberian Husky; semi-woolly copper red fur; brown eyes

2) LOCATION: Salamat Street, North Signal, Taguig City

3) DATE: November 1, 2019

4) CONTACT INFORMATION: Ms. Judycel’s Facebook account or 09175080156

Reward will be given by owner to whoever will return their furbaby.

Lost Husky – Found

1) APPEARANCE: Splash black and white fur but mostly black from the forehead to his back. Right eye is brown and his left eye is blue.

2) LOCATION: Lily Street, Pingkian Village, Quezon City

3) DATE: July 26, 2019

4) OWNER: Ms. Maria