Lost Multicolored Dog: Mainly black, Lost Multicolored dog: Mainly Brown

1) APPEARANCE: Mixed breed Labrador and German Shepherd. Combination of black and brown fur on the neck, back, tail and face. Brown fur from on the chest, stomach and paws with a little white fur on the chest.

2) LOCATION: Last seen in front of Highway 54, EDSA Shaw Boulevard (In front of SM Megamall)

3) DATE: Went missing June 5, 2019

4) WAYS TO CONTACT YOU: Please message Ms. Kat at 0910-628-2163 or through her Facebook account www.facebook.com/katrinalexis.guinanao

Lost THEN Found Dogs

1) APPEARANCE: Gray-furred dog with brown patches on the ears on the legs and black mark on the stomach. He is wearing a yellow collar.

2) LOCATION: Baliuag, Bulacan

3) DATE: Went missing evening of May 6, 2019