Stray One Color Dog: Brown

Photo from Ms. Eixert

brown coat; female

Robinsons Homes East at E. Rodriguez Avenue, Antipolo

3) DATE:
February 26, 2021

Ms. Eixert’s Facebook account (click here)

Stray One Color Dog: Brown

Captured from Mr. Mark’s video

1) APPEARANCE: golden brown; wearing a brown collar

2) LOCATION: 10th Ave., Caloocan City

3) DATE: January 8, 2021

4) CONTACT INFORMATION: Mr. Mark’s Facebook (click here)

Stray One Color Dog: Brown

Photo From Mr. Joed

1) APPEARANCE: golden brown fur; wearing a blue collar with chain

2) LOCATION: Roaming along San Gregorio and Pe├▒afrancia, Paco, Manila

3) DATE: December 28, 2020

4) REPORTER: Mr. Joed (click here for his Facebook post)

Stray One Color Dog: Brown

1) APPEARANCE: Light brown dog with flabs of skin on the face, has a pink marks on the nose and is wearing a black collar with dangling chain.

2) LOCATION: Last seen roaming around Pembo, Makati

3) DATE: August 9, 2019