Lost THEN Found Dogs

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Photo Taken by Mr. Renan

1) APPEARANCE: Mostly white with beige mask; white fur around the nose with beige spots; wearing a black collar

2) LOCATION: Brgy. Marulas, Valenzuela City

3) DATE: October 14, 2019 / Found on October 15, 2018

4) OWNER: Mr. Renan – Facebook

Found Shih Tzu

Photos Taken by Ms Jessica

1) APPEARANCE: Mostly gray with white accents on the face, neck and limbs; fur is newly trimmed

2) LOCATION: Kap. Akong St., Marulas, Valenzuela City

3) DATE: October 13, 2019

4) REPORTER: Ms. Jessica – Facebook

Lost Shih Tzu

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1) APPEARANCE: Mostly white with brindled white and gray hair on its ears; hair on the body is shorter; male

2) LOCATION: Last Seen at Gen. T. de Leon, Valenzuela City

3) DATE: Evening of September 27, 2019

4) OWNER: Ms. Jane – 09060612415 / Facebook

Reward will be given by the owner to whoever will return their furbaby.

Lost One Color Cat: Black

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1) APPEARANCE: Plain black cat; yellow eyes; wearing a pink collar (not the same as picture above)

2) LOCATION: Parada Road, Fortune Village 6, Valenzuela City

3) DATE: September 25, 2019

4) WAYS TO CONTACT YOU: Mr. Romel – 09218237197

Stray Multicolored Dog: Mainly White

Magandang gabi po sana matulongan sana.itong aso.nato parang awa nyo naEto po location ng doggy sa may gusto pong tumulong# 89 masipag st c.santiago veinte reales valenzuela city Sa mismong outpost po ng bantay bayan

Posted by 德隆 卡爾 on Saturday, September 21, 2019

1) APPEARANCE: Mostly white dog with dark brown patch on the eyes and ears, on its back towards its right upper forearm; currently tied on an outpost with yellow strap

2) LOCATION: 89 Masipag Street, C. Santiago, Veinte Reales, Valenzuela city

3) DATE: September 22, 2019

4) WAYS TO CONTACT YOU: Ms. Joy – Facebook

Lost Multicolored dog: Mainly Brown

Posted by Bugi Veron on Monday, September 16, 2019
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1) APPEARANCE: Mostly brown with black saddle-like fur pattern on the back; brindled white and brown fur around the nose; right always has dried up tear (eye goop) due to removal of tear gland

2) LOCATION: Last seen headed towards B. Lopez Street, Valenzuela City

3) DATE: Missing since September 5, 2019

4) WAYS TO CONTACT YOU: Mr. Bugi’s Facebook account