Abandoned Dog for Adoption

Photo from Ms. Clarissa

Male; mostly brown coat with black highlights; not wearing accessories

SM City Sta. Rosa Terminal, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

3) DATE:
July 23, 2021

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Stray Dogs for Adoption

Photo from Ms. Monette

(Kindly refer to the photo for the appearance of the dogs)

Pamplona 3, Las Piñas

3) DATE:
July 3, 2021

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Found Dog for Adoption

1) APPEARANCE: Mostly light brown fur with white fur on its neck towards its chest, and paws

2) LOCATION: Brgy. 339, Zone 34, District 3 Brgy. Hall – Felix Huertas Street Corner Quiricada Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila

3) DATE: December 29, 2019

4) CONTACT INFORMATION: Brgy. Captain Edgardo 0927 682 8575

This furbaby is being fostered by the Barangay. Please adopt him as soon as possible before they take him to the pound.

Found Dog for Adoption

Photo from Mr. Raynard

1) APPEARANCE: Mostly golden brown with brindled black and brown fur on its face, legs, ears, and tail; forepaws are white

2) LOCATION: Galas, Quezon City

3) DATE: December 10, 2019

4) CONTACT INFORMATION: Mr. Raynard’s Facebook account

Pit Bull for Adoption

Photo from Save The Laguna Pit Bulls Sanctuary

1) APPEARANCE: Brown fur; has black accents around the mouth and eyes; has black eyebrow like fur pattern; has white patch on his neck and chest

2) LOCATION: Laguna

3) DATE: December 6, 2019

4) CONTACT INFORMATION: Kindly fill out Save the Laguna Pit Bulls Sanctuary adoption form through this link https://helpsavethepitbulls.com/adoptguiness or email them at adopt.a.lpb@gmail.com
Original posting: facebook.com/adoptguiness

Surrendered Dog for Adoption

Photo from Ms. Alexa

1) APPEARANCE: Mostly tan/light brown curly fur; has brindled gray and black fur on its left ear; due to his dauntlessness, his owner surrendered him to the city pound

2) LOCATION: Mandaue City, Cebu

3) DATE: November 17, 2019

4) CONTACT INFORMATION: Ms. Alexa’s Facebook account facebook.com/alexa

Please adopt this furbaby as soon as you can before he gets put to sleep.