Found Multicolored Dog: Mainly Black

Photo from Mr. Rendel

black with light brown markings around its mouth, eyebrows, ears and legs; has white marking on its chest

Soldiers 2, Las Piñas City

3) DATE:
February 13, 2021

Mr. Rendell’s Facebook (click here)

Lost Shih Tzu

Photo from Ms. Katie

1) APPEARANCE: princess type shih tzu; white and light brown; has black/gray strands at the trip of its ears

Sapphire Street, San Antonio Compound, CAA, Las Piñas

3) DATE:
January 12, 2021

0915 291 6407

Reward will be given by furents to whoever will return this furbaby.

Lost Multicolored dog: Mainly Brown

1) APPEARANCE: Mostly tan with light brown ears, paws and upper body (from nape to its tail), and brindled black and white above the nose

2) LOCATION: Last seen at Rio de Janeiro Ext, Southland BF Homes, Las Piñas

3) DATE: August 28, 2019

4) WAYS TO CONTACT YOU: 09567607212

Stray Multicolored Cat: Mostly Orange

Kitten #1 & #2 – Plain orange kitten
Kitten #3 – Orange with white fur around the neck
Kitten #4 & #5 – White fur with black and orange mask that goes through the ears and nape
Kitten #6 – tricolor with black and orange patches on the back.

2) LOCATION: Las Piñas City

3) DATE: August 22, 2019

4) WAYS TO CONTACT YOU: Ms. Maritea at 09164047517

Lost THEN Found Dogs

1) APPEARANCE: Fluffy black and brown fur; brown spot above the eyes, paws, and mouth area.

2) LOCATION: Holy Family 6th St, Admiral, Las Piñas

3) DATE: Went Missing August 11, 2019 / Found August 12, 2019

Lost THEN Found Dogs

1) APPEARANCE: White furred chubby puppy with brown patch from the ears towards around the eyes.

2) LOCATION: Las Piñas City

3) DATE: Went missing May 22, 2019 / Found on May 26, 2019